Would you like to get an L-mount Panasonic cinema camera?

Till Havis sent me this:

This has been posted on DVXUser and is a very interesting
concept film/video camera based on the Panasonic S1 Full Frame sensor.

This is obviously aimed at filmmakers and video professionals but
it is interesting because the design (and size) seem to mirror
where the market is heading (live streaming, connected technology,
internal Raw recording, Image stabilisation, and Dual pixel AF etc…)

If produced this camera could be a serious threat to the Canon C200, FS7, and BlackMagic
4K Pocket Camera if released.

I for one hope this camera becomes a reality, the fact that it is a handheld filmmakers camera
slightly bigger than the BlackMagic 4K pocket Camera that can also be fully rigged out for other uses
is very exciting.

Panasonic S1 FF Sensor
Interchangeable L Mount
Internal 4K 10bit 4:2:2 Recording without crop (24-25fps minimum)
Internal 4K Raw without crop (24-25fps minimum)
Dual IS
Dual Pixel AF
2 x XLR’s
5” Daylight viewable Fully articulating touchscreen LCD
Built in Electronic ND’s 6-10 stops
1 x SD and 1 x Cfast 2.0 Recording Slots
1 X SDI Input/ Output
1 x HDMI Input/ Output
1 x Timecode/Sync Multicam
1 x Headphone Jack
2 x Batteries (one in the handgrip and a second under the body of camera)
1 x Locking Lemo Power Connector (rear of camera)

Wireless Control via smart device
Live Streaming
Larger than the current Canon XC15 smaller than the C200
Similar (redesigned) handgrip as XC15 with additional function buttons
6-7 User assignable function buttons
One push AF and Auto Control for run and gun situations

What do you think about this?

(L1) List of new S1-S1R features “under consideration”???

I got this rumor from a new source. I therefore rated it with a low “L1” ranking (20% chance this is correct). Anyway, interetsing to read and hopefully right 🙂

The source wrote:

Panasonic are looking at including the following features
on the new S1.

The feeling is they need to lead they way in terms of new features
if they wish professionals and in particular video shooters to adopt the
new L mount and switch from Canon or Sony FF cameras.
It’s believed Sony delayed the release of the A7SIII until 2019 in order to improve the specifications
to compete with the new Panasonic S1.

New features under consideration:

Live Streaming capability
Variable ND Adaptor that will work with Panasonic Sigma and Leica lenses
Stronger and more robust Fully articulating Touchscreen
Internal 4K Raw in 24/25
More details to follow.

You can join the new L Full Frame Facebook group if you plan to buy this camera. There you can discuss all features and tests once it’s released!

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William Innes talks about using the new Panasonic S cameras

Via Panasonic:

Let’s Talk Lumix S: William Innes

How long have you been shooting with Lumix?

A little over five years. I was shooting with a GH3. I became real serious when the GH4 launched and then finally the GH5 with dual card slots was a game changer for me. Having two cards available for wedding photography is critical. I shot over 35 events last year using two GH5’s. Now I am using a G9 along with my GH5’s.

Which models are your current favorites?

My current favorite model is the G9 for professional work. It is feature-rich and the new engine creates awesome JPEG files. I also like the 80MP feature for still images. For travel photography, I love the little ZS200 point and shoot. It has a 24-360mm zoom range which makes it a great companion for any trip. Although the new LX100 II may take over once I get to shoot with it.

Have you shot with other brands before? Why do you prefer Lumix?

I have shot with many different brands over the years. My favorite thing about Lumix is how they actually listen to their customers and incorporate changes in their products very quickly. I feel that there are some other camera manufacturers that have not done a very good job of hearing their customers lately. Lumix continues to innovate and incorporate awesome features and new technology in every new camera release.

What excites you the most about the Lumix S launch?

Low light photography. Being a wedding photographer, we get to shoot in very dim and dark environments. Many churches do not allow flash photography. Full frame and a new sensor, combined with fast lens will enable me to shoot some very creative low light photography.

How do you foresee your photography changing after the release?

I don’t see my actual photography changing. I will just have additional tools in my toolbox to achieve my goals. I will definitely be able to push the envelope when it comes to wedding receptions, being able to dial back flash photography and create images with existing low light. I am very excited about this.

Will you now be shooting with box Lumix G and Lumix S?

I will still use both systems for shooting weddings. I love the light weight of the G system. It is so easy to carry two camera bodies and lenses around the whole wedding day. I envision using the G series cameras for getting ready photos, photo journalistic images, some ceremony photos and detail images. The new S series cameras will be great for low light and portrait type photos. The file size of the S1R will enable me to print and sell extremely large prints and canvases.

What’s the first thing you want to try with a Lumix S?

As mentioned, I am excited to try out the low light capabilities of the S series of cameras. Although the G series have a great bokeh with their fast prime lens, especially the 42.5 mm f1.2, I can’t wait to see what the full frame S series will do with their new 55mm F1.4 lens.