Confimed Sigma FP-L specs

Nokishita confirmed our previous specs with the following tweet:

The changes from fp of Sigma “fp L” are “Equipped with effective approximately 61 million pixels back-illuminated Bayer sensor” “Equipped with a low-pass filter that suppresses the occurrence of moire to the minimum” “Contrast AF + image plane phase difference AF” ” It seems that it supports USB power supply.
New functions “0.5 type external EVF with about 3.68 million dots”, “save / read settings / QR code share”, “new color mode” powder blue “/” duotone “”, “various frames used in video production” “Compatible with rate” and “Screenshot function” will be supported by upgrading fp.
The mass retailer price of the Sigma “fp L” is 275,000 yen including body tax and 330,000 yen including EVF kit tax. The mass retailer price of “EVF-11” seems to be 66,000 yen including tax.

LEAKED: First image samples shot with the Sigma FP-L show it has 60.2MP sensor!!!

One of our readers (THANKS!!!) spotted a folder with FP-L images on Sigma’s server. Here are the screenshots showing the EXIF and below one of the image samples (not full size).

It shows that indeed the new camera has this new 60.2 MP sensor I wrote about weeks ago.

SIGMA fp L use a special pixel type effective 60.75 megapixels sensor named IMX513BQR from sony-semiconductor to replace the unstable Foveon X3 sensor. in 30 megapixels output mode, pixel can be full sampled, which makes it the same image quality as the Foveon X3. in 120 megapixels mode, fp L output the maximum resolution in the world of full frame single shooting.

The newly CMOS sensor of sigma fp L has a CFA like the fujifilm’s Super CCD. Sigma get a customized full frame 61 megapixels no-LPF BSI sensor with zig-zag manner pixels and 45° rotated bayer color filter array, which pixel design based on sony-semi’s most popular 3.76um Exmor R series. This special pixel array was name as “Q67” or “ClearVid” in sony’s speech, was used in F65RS cine camera.
This 61 megapixels zig-zag pixel sensor can output 30 megapixels green channel image without any interpolation and color the picture like the Foveon X3 Quattro. So it can be the flat version of Foveon X3, but save the high ISO.
In additionally, this customized sensor use the same color filter as the PhaseONE IQ3 100MP Trichromatic. It has the best color reproduction even better than the old Foveon X3.