Lumix Consumer Division and S-Series Cameras at NAB 2019

Interview with Jack Salamanchuk from Panasonic about consumer lineup and current situation with it Strangely Panasonic did not have their latest G95 camera present at NAB at all. All focus now is on pushing expensive Panasonic S1 and S1r camera bodies. Let’s check in few months real results, this can be fun.

Sigma interview at Dpreview: “expect a few lenses this year designed for L-mount”

Sigma CEO Yamaki talked with the Dpreview team. A couple of info:

– He found the response to the new L-mount “is better than I thought”
– Sigma plans to launch “a few lenses this year” that are designed specifically for L-mount.
– Sigma is not sure they can implement Panasonic DFDtechnology with their L-mount lenses
– Sigma is considering to launch smaller and more compact f/2.0 primes
– The Nikon Z mount is in theory good for designing lenses but Sigma is concerned about reflection problems (ghosting) because “the mount is too close to the sensor”
– Sigma would like to be a “unique camera manufacturer” in the future.

I am really excited to see that new FF Foveon camera!!!