First impression about the use of the new DJI LiDAR on the Lumix S1H

Asobinet reports about a hands-on testing of the new DJI LiDar system when combined with the S1H:

  • Combination of LUMIX S1H and LiDAR
  • No need for calibration, can be used directly
  • The RS Pro3 and LiDAR aren’t cheap, but this whole package, the S1H, is very cheap and the overall image quality is a very good result.
  • Not a bad shooting solution
  • I don’t think you need a stabilizer
  • For now, only RS3 Pro supports LiDAR
    → other support can be expected with updates
  • LiDAR to gimbal, gimbal to camera connection
  • 1: LiDAR captures the subject
    2: Camera focuses on the subject
  • Not only follow focus
  • Focus performance can be improved no matter how dark it is
  • Compatible with LUMIX S5II
  • Currently not compatible with Micro Four Thirds
  • LUMIX S5 is not currently supported


Panasonic announced a new S lens roadmap: Two new zooms teased and new Lidar AF technology partnership!

Today Panasonic held an event in China. They announced a new Lidar partnership with DJI and also a new S lens roadmap. The S lens roadmap now teases the launch of:

  • a zoom lens in the 30-70mm range (Could be 28-70mm f/2.8)
  • a zoom lens in the 100-400mm range

DJI and Panasonic also teased a partnership when it comes to Lidar AF technology. It’s unclear how this will work and when they will bring this. But on images you can see a Lidar system mounted on the hot shoe: