Panasonic S5 II review by Engadget: “The full-frame vlogging camera you’ve been waiting for”

Lumix S5II at Bhphoto, Adorama, Amazon US.

The full review can be read at Engadget. They conclude:

With the autofocus finally keeping up with rival cameras, Panasonic’s S5 II is an awesome full-frame vlogging and video camera option. Priced at $2,000, it’s also a very strong value proposition, particularly for video shooters.

Its primary competition is the Sony A7 IV and Canon EOS R6 II. Both of those cameras are better for photography, but the S5 II is much better for video and particularly vlogging, thanks to the built-in monitoring tools and superior stabilization. If you want a better match of photography and video tools, Fujifilm’s 40-megapixel $2,000 X-H2 is the best option – if you don’t mind stepping down to an APS-C sensor.

In fact, the S5 II’s greatest rival might be the upcoming S5 IIx. I’d argue that many people paying $2,000 wouldn’t hesitate to spend an extra $200 to get some pretty valuable features like ProRes SSD recording. Either way, it’s Panasonic’s best vlogging camera since the original GH5 and should rise to the top of many content creators’ shopping lists.

Caleb Hoover: Can you see the difference? LUMIX GH6 vs S5ii

Caleb writes:

Not gonna lie, it’s hard to see the difference between the LUMIX S5ii and GH6! Let’s see if you can see the difference. Let me know in the comments what shots are from what camera! I shot with all the same settings on the GH6 and S5ii and I think these cameras match up pretty well.