Bryen Trawick: New Panasonic S1H 2.1 Firmware Update | Shoot Raw Video!

Bryen contacted me to share his work:

As you know Panasonic recently announced the firmware 2.1 update for the S1H allowing the camera to record in raw, they had sent it to me early to try out and I was able to shoot this video “The Void” on the S1H for the big announcement.
This video is a creative piece shot on the S1H featuring choreography and acrobatics from cirque du soleil performers here in Las Vegas.

I wrote this blog about my experience about shooting with the new raw firmware update as well as my thoughts on the S1H for video shooters in general.
As a filmmaker who shoots mainly lumix, I really enjoy all the content on the L-rumors website and wanted to send you a link to my review, to see if you might be interested in publishing it on your website.

Here is the link including the article and footage shot for the release:

Camera Conspiracies about the new S5: The End of Panasonic

As usual with Camera Conspiracies take it with a dose of fun 🙂 He writes:

Panasonic S5 is not a terrible camera. It actually looks better than the S1, flippy screen and much lighter. But the depth from defocused elephant in the room rears it’s ugly head again. Panasonic is seriously trying to compete with Canon R5 R6 and Sony A7S III with this release? I know it’s an entry level camera, more inline with the Canon RP, but still. My god, contrast detection still? Why do they keep doing this to us?!

Panasonic S1H ProRes Raw Review by DpreviewTV

ProRes Raw is finally here for the Panasonic S1H. Find out why Jordan says ‘This is absolutely my favorite image from any of the cameras I’ve got right now…’ But ProRes Raw has some tradeoffs as well. Watch to learn more.

Compact, capable and imperfect: First impressions of the Sigma fp

Dpreview tested the Sigma FP:

My overriding impression is that it feels like Sigma has tried to address a videographers’ wishlist but perhaps doesn’t yet have the experience in video to make the implementation as elegant as it could be. But Sigma has promised a major firmware update. And it’s also apparent that there’s a lot of capability crammed into the fp, even before exploring one of its defining features by shooting Raw footage.