The Best Three Cinematic Mirrorless Crossover Cameras (Canon EOS R5, Sony A7S III and Panasonic Lumix S1H)

The Slanted Lens:

In this camera comparison we review the Canon EOS R5, Sony A7S III and Panasonic Lumix S1H crossover mirrorless cameras. These are definitely the top three contenders in terms of video capabilities for mirrorless cameras. We compare image quality, auto focusing, ergonomics, dynamic range, ISO and overheating. Take a look and let us know which you think is the best.

Lumix S5 First Look by Personal View

Panasonic S5 preorders at BHphoto, Adorama. FocusCamera.

Personal View writes:

It is here. The 35mm Full Frame Panasonic Lumix S5 L Mount camera. Packing the essence of the conventional S Series camera in a compact, lightweight body, the new hybrid full-frame mirrorless camera LUMIX S5 provides excellent performance in both shooting photos and recording videos for serious, enthusiastic photographers and videographers.

Panasonic S1H & S5 Full Frame Camera Testing by Adam Savage

Adam Savage:

After years of being happy with the Panasonic GH5 as his daily camera, Joey makes the move to full-frame video shooting by testing out Panasonic’s new Lumix S1H and S5 cameras. The S5 in particular is interesting in that it offers the benefits of a full frame sensor at half the price of the S1H. But there are many other considerations for video camera use aside from just the sensor size, and Joey dives into the specifics with a series of comparison tests!

Philip Bloom: Does the SIGMA fp have a future?

Philip Bloom:

This is a semi-review of the Sigma fp. One of the most interesting and perplexing cameras to come out in years. I say semi-review as compared to my usual reviews this is pretty short and I don’t go into everything that it does. This is much more focused on the pros and cons of the camera. Make sure you watch till the end as the final edit of the cinema DNG footage is utterly gorgeous. This camera is capable of one hell of a great image!