Sigma leaks the details about the new 24mm f/3.5 DG DN lens

Sigma directly leaked some details about the new 24mm F3.5 DG DN lens. The page has now been removed but here are the screenshots:

UPDATE: Some more info:

The L mount version of the new Sigma lens has a 24mm lens configuration of 10 elements in 8 groups (including 1 SLD glass and 3 aspherical lenses), a minimum shooting distance of 10.8cm, a maximum shooting magnification of 1: 2, a filter diameter of 55mm, and a size of φ64×48. .8mm, 549 USD. 35mm is 10 elements in 9 groups (1 SLD, 3 aspherical surfaces), minimum 27cm, maximum 1: 5.66, filter 58mm, φ70×67.4mm, 325g, $ 639.

65mm lens configuration 12 elements in 9 groups (including 1 SLD glass and 2 aspherical lenses), minimum shooting distance 55cm, maximum shooting magnification 1: 6.81, filter diameter 62mm, size φ72×74.7mm, weight 405g, $ 699 It seems to be. #rumor


via Nokishita

Sigma teases the launch of the new L-mount FF lens on December 1

Sigma writes:

We are pleased to announce the holding of an online event “SIGMA STAGE Online”, which is a presentation of new DN series (dedicated to mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras) interchangeable lenses. It will be held on Tuesday, December 1st, 2020, from JST 21:00 / CEST 14:00 / EST 07:00.

This lens is rumored to be a new compact wide angle prime lens for the Sony E-mount and Leica L-mount system

First wild rumored specs for a new Panasonic L-mount Cine camera

I got the following rumor from a new source:

Yes, Panasonic is developing a Super35 L-mount variant of the AU-EVA1 5.6k pro videocamera and a complementary Super35 S5 SLR body type. Panasonic is working to offer L-mount across its professional video lines as a long-term option to EF-mount. They are doing so in both FF and Super35 formats, and in both videocamera and SLR S5 body styles. They currently have 4 prototypes in the field with one studio in North America doing field work. Expect a 2021 release. We have seen and heard nothing about further developments for 43 systems.

Panasonic working on a special micro lens sensor?

I got the following rumor from a new source:

Panasonic is working on a tech that make the big microlens cover 2×2 pixels. It can output 1/4 size picture by binning without any quality problem and each pixels can be cross type phase detection autofocus point to enhance the DFD.
One of the samples, is working on a sensor above 46-megapixel before binning, can output quarter-res at 128fps. Maybe the competitor of α7S III is coming ?