Stunner: Early specs of the new Panasonic 8k 60p organic sensor!

What you see here on top is the image of the first 8K 60p Panasonic camcorder featuring their own Panasonic-Fuji developed ORGANIC sensor! Panasonic unveiled some info about it:

  • Global Shutter (exposes all pixels at the same time and read the data all at once). This will at last kill the distortion caused by rolling shutters.
  • 88 at 60fps
  • Panasonic said the sensor has “high sensitivity” and “wide dynamic range” but did not share exact numbers
  • It has a step less electronic ND filter (Panasonic said it does NOT change color balance when using it)
  • Sensor can switch between “high-sensitivity” mode and “high-saturation” mode

I can’t wait to see that sensor in use on future Panasonic MFT and L-mount cameras!

More info about that sensor on this previous 43rumors article.

Panasonic interview: 8k Full Frame L-mount camera is coming for sure in 2020

The French website Mizuwari talked to Panasonic France managerin Mathilde Lécuyer. She shared quite some interesting tidbits:

1) Panasonic’s first goal is to give current MFT users a possibility to step up into Full Frame.

2) There are some physical limitations with MFT that Panasonic wants to overcome with Full Frame. Panasonic had no doubt that theyr would arrive in full format one day or another, because technically speaking the 8K on Micro 4/3 is complicated, if not impossible.

3) Panasonic will keep the promise and announce an 8K Full Frame camera by 2020 (L-rumors note: Of course this is going to be L-mount)

4) The full format will not meet the expectations and needs of a lot of users who will choose to turn to Lumix, if only because of size and price. So, of course, again, we will continue to release Micro 4/3 lenses and cameras, and our 10-25mm f / 1.7 under development is a good example of this.

5) Already 8 years ago Panasonic was thinking about going Full Frame

In short: MFT sensor size isn’t enough to make 8K cameras and therefore they had to step up to Full Frame.

Sigma says they will make APS-C lenses for L mount but Panasonic says they will NOT

Dpreview interviewed all three companies involved in the L-mount project. And here are some interesting tidbits:

APS-C L-mount lenses:
Sigma: Yes, we have a plan to develop APS-C lenses for L mount, but the main focus is full-frame.
Panasonic: No. We will only develop [L mount products] for full-frame sensors.

Abut the L-mount flange distance:
Leica: The flange back distance could be shorter, but if someone wants to make a professional L mount video camera for example, it’s better to have a little more room, for filters [built into the camera body] and so on. With 20mm, that’s fine. If you go closer, it becomes very difficult.

About the analogy with Micro Four Thirds:
Panasonic: This alliance is like marriage. The previous arrangement [with Olympus] was more like we were just living together. So the obligation [now] is a little more high-level.

It’s very interesting to see Panasonic plan to NOT make any APS-C lenses.  I guess it makes sense to not jeopardize their MFT business. And It also sounds like Panasonic isn’t entirely happy with their partnership with Olympus.

These are the new Sony FF sensors that can be used by Leica-Panasonic too

SonyAlphaRumors spilled out the info about the two future Full Frame sensors that will go on market in 2019. These sensors are NOT for exclusive Sony use. They will be available for any camera company. It means Leica and Panasonic could on paper decide to use them too. Sigma will not as they alreayd said they will make a Foveon sensor.
Sensor 1:
16 channels (which is crazy, normally it should be 8),
Sensor 2:
on-chip PDAF
Maybe Leica will use that sensor on their future SL camera. Panasonic might launch a camera with the 60MP sensor in early 2020?