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Fotodiox launches the new Canon EF to L-mount autofocus adapter

Fotodiox launched the new Canon EF to L-mount autofocus adapter. You can get it at BHphoto.


Here is the google translated press text:

EF-LT-FSN (with electronic contacts, equipped with function buttons)

Manufacturer’s suggested price ¥ 35,000 (excluding tax)

  • Electronic control of the Canon EF mount lens (EF-S lens compatible) and AF shooting are possible
  • Compatible with in-lens image stabilization mechanism (Canon “IS”, Sigma “OS”, Tamron “VC”)
  • Compatible with Panasonic LUMIX camera body image stabilization mechanism “BIS”
  • Information such as the focal length and exposure of the captured image is recorded as Exif data
  • Controls internal reflection by flocking inside the adapter
  • Firmware can be updated by USB connection with PC terminal
[How to use function buttons]

You can completely turn off the electronic communication with the mount adapter by turning on the power while holding down the function button.

  • When you want to use it as a manual lens (no aperture) when the lens you are using is difficult to control electronically (errors are likely to occur during use, there are many malfunctions of the aperture, etc.)
  • When you want to use the EF mount manual lens with this product attached to a non-compatible camera (Leica SL, CL) (no aperture)
[Compatible models]

Leica SL2 / Panasonic LUMIX DC-S1R, DC-S1, DC-S1H / Sigma fp
*Leica SL, CL, TL2, TL, T can only be opened in MF (no aperture)



Here are videos showing how it works:

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