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Here is the english translated Sigma CP+ press conference

Dan from Dpreview Forum translated the Sigma CP+ press conference:

Here’s a quick translation of KY’s speech at cp+. I did not translate his speech word for word, but hopefully this will be helpful or interesting to you.

2:26 the screen reads as follows:

1) Sell a camera with a Foveon sensor in 2019 (later revised to 2020, of course).

2) Cease selling cameras with the SA mount

3) Continue selling lenses with the SA mount

4)SA/EF-L mount adapter in 2019

5)Sell L mount lenses in 2019

6) Add L mount to the list of choices to the mount conversion service

5:15 a picture of the new sensor is shown.

Mr. Yamaki then apologizes for the delay, saying that they are trying to make a great camera and that creating a full frame sensor for the first time comes with difficulties.

5:50 Mr. Yamaki talks about Foveon sensors stating:

“Our current cameras, the Quattros, use a 1:1:4 RGB sensor, but we are returning to our traditional, or rather, original 1:1:1 sensor.”

He then talks about pixel pitch. He said that he wanted to create a camera where the pixel pitch was large enough that the images could be recorded well. (paraphrased). Shortly thereafter, he talks about spectral response.

~10:00 “Our sensors have the reputation of being able to capture images in a unique way in regards to pixel sharpness, etc. Our cameras have a broader spectral response compared to cameras with a Bayer filter. In cameras with a Bayer sensor, the RGB have more distinct peaks comparatively. It is said that Foveon sensors are have worse color separation due to this. It is true that Foveon sensors are indeed a little weaker when it comes to color separation, but this also allows for a smooth gradation of colors.”

~11:00 He talks about the switch to TSI semiconductors. He notes that the close proximity of the two companies will allow for better communication between Foveon and the foundry.

12:36 Bruce Gray from TSI Semiconductors and Shri Ramaswami from Foveon speak.

33:12 Mr. Yamaki returns and states, ” We expect to be selling the MC-21 this spring. Although we sell the MC-11 for about 37,500 yen, we are tentatively planning to release the MC-21 for SA-L at around 10,000 yen.” (currently $89.30 although, it is likely to be closer to $100)

~35:08 Release dates for the L mount lenses

35:17 Mount conversion service for SA-L mount is tentatively planned for about 10,000 yen.

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