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Kazuto Yamaki talks about the state of the L-mount alliance: satisfied with the products but not satisfied with the market share as it is now

The french magazine Phototrend interviewed Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki. Here are the key points:
* Sigma fp is the basis for the future of camera at Sigma
* Sigma doesn’t want to impose his view on how to use the Sigma fp
* In the future, Sigma thinks that all cameras will no longer use a mechanical shutter
* The most important characteristics of the Sigma fp is compactness and high quality images
* Sigma Foveon FF camera is late because of issues with the sensor design and manufacturing delay from vendors
* Sigma wants to differentiate itself from other competitors with Foveon sensor.
* They are building a new building at Aizu factory to improve the manufacturing process, not increasing the production capabilities
* Yamaki-san thinks there needs to be more lenses for the L-mount system
* In terms of market share, Sigma is not satisfied by the L-Mount Alliance. But according to Kazuto Yamaki it is still too early to draw conclusions. There needs to be 3 to 4 years after the launch to assess the results L-rumors
* Kazuto Yamaki is satisfied by the diversity of lenses and cameras offered by the members of the L-Mount Alliance.
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