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New Primers EQX for the Panasonic S1H

Hrvoje Simic from Omeneo Design just told me this:

We have just finished in depth analysis and optimization of Panasonic S1H.

I am happy to say that we got fantastic results. Hats off to Panasonic team.

Using this Primers EQX set with S1H it is possible to achieve top class cinematic-level colour performance and post production consistency and overal image quality for superior results and natural image aesthetic in creative colour grading.

New set is online on Primers page for Panasonic cameras, with a couple of examples, showing some of many improvements compared to standard LUTs, in these examples tonal harmony, image depth, overal density, volume, shadow definition, smoothness of transition to extremes and peak saturation performance.

Primers are professional image transformation tools, embodied into a high precision 3DLUT set, designed per each sensor response and camera manufacturer’s base colour science, to get the most out of the camera. They enable optimal exposure decisions during shooting with superior and organic colour performance and high quality post. Each set consists of different contrast responses based on camera sensor’s sweetspot, in 3DLUT sets for both monitoring and post production.

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