These are the new Sony FF sensors that can be used by Leica-Panasonic too

SonyAlphaRumors spilled out the info about the two future Full Frame sensors that will go on market in 2019. These sensors are NOT for exclusive Sony use. They will be available for any camera company. It means Leica and Panasonic could on paper decide to use them too. Sigma will not as they alreayd said they will make a Foveon sensor.
Sensor 1:
16 channels (which is crazy, normally it should be 8),
Sensor 2:
on-chip PDAF
Maybe Leica will use that sensor on their future SL camera. Panasonic might launch a camera with the 60MP sensor in early 2020?

LUMIX S – Opening a new chapter of LUMIX history

Panasonic introduced its first Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera the LUMIX G1 to revolutionize the entire camera market in 2008.Since then, the company has been developing epoch-making cameras and lenses with cutting-edge features in a small package to defy old stereotype. These LUMIX cameras and lenses are highly acclaimed as a tool for capturing the world through the eyes of professionals.As a pioneer of the industry, Panasonic is now ready to challenge the new field, a full-frame mirrorless camera system, to open a new chapter of LUMIX history.

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The Panasonic S1-S1R grip variations

Panasonic posted this image with the following text:

Whatever the challenge, professionals get results. To capture that fleeting moment in often challenging locations,  you may have to bide your time with camera at the ready.

Countless modifications and repeated prototyping are needed  to finally arrive at the ideal shape with a reassuringly stable grip, a form refined enough to shoot for long periods and to carry, a design suitable for any location.

(L2) First rumors about L-mount cinema camera from Panasonic

I got this from a source:

I have it from a good source that Panasonic is seriously looking at a S35 or Full Frame Video and Stills camera with internal 4K Raw recording and Live streaming  with Integrated Apps for photo and video sharing to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc….

The internal Raw recording will be in 4K but the video sharing will be a 4K compressed codec with different 8bit and 10bit 4:2:2 recording options also available.
One of the apps designed for the camera will allow limited video and photo editing before sharing (similar to an iPhone)

These camera/s will have IBIS and AF / face tracking similar to Canons Dual Pixel AF, and  contain inbuilt ND’s. The cameras will also have large articulating touchscreen with a built in audio adaptor.

The source says one or two different version of the cameras are being considered, with modular add ons such as adjustable handgrip, moveable viewfinder etc…
He says to think of a cross between the current Blackmagic 4K Pocket Camera and a Canon XC15 with audio adaptor.

The are set to be announced around NAB 2019