Jack Lam: Open Letter to Panasonic: Innovations in Manual Focus Will Make Lumix-S a Winner for Pro Cinematographers

This is a Guest Post from Jack Lam (jack-lam.com):

As a working cinematographer, I am super excited by Panasonic’s announcement of the Lumix S mirrorless camera system. Panasonic has done such an excellent job designing the GH5, I’m confident a pro full-frame version of the GH will be even better. But here is an opportunity for Panasonic to make the Lumix S even greater. There is one very important area where all camera makers have ignored, and Panasonic is in a good position to be the first camera maker to address this vacuum.

This missing feature – one that can become a potential killer feature for Panasonic – is GOOD MANUAL FOCUS CONTROL. “What’s the big deal with MF?” one may ask, “Don’t all serious cameras already have MF?” Well, when I say good MF control, I mean one that is good enough for real working professionals – advanced documentaries and Hollywood cameramen alike. I want MF control that is simple, accurate, reliable, repeatable, predictable, measurable, and ergonomically sound. It should also be wireless-capable and highly integrated as part of the camera. Do you know of any small (DSLR/mirrorless) camera in the market that fulfills all of the above? I have found none.

My Perspective

My works vary widely in budget and crew size, ranging from run-and-gun documentaries, TV commercials to feature films for national theatrical releases. While the Arri Alexa is my go-to camera of choice for most of my works, I also use small form-factor cameras like the Sony A7S and Panasonic GH when I see fit. I used to own every GH model from the GH1 to the GH4, before I took a break from the m43 system for the full-frame Sony A7S.

There are many instances where a smaller camera is the better camera for the job (for example, run-and-gun docs, sensitive locations, small gimbal, special car rigs, crash cams, etc.). Unfortunately, every time when I shoot with a small camera I am faced with one big problem, a problem that haunts every video shooter but one that receives very little attentions in camera reviews: how do I pull focus? To be more specific, how do I pull focus effectively and professionally, as my director expects me to? How do I make sure I can nail the focus equally well in the first take, the second take, and each take thereafter?

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Shoten announces two new L-mount adapters

Shoten annonced two new L-mount adapters (Leica R and Leica M). They will cost around 16.000 ¥ in Japan. No info about the international price and shipment start. Those adapters will be sold in EU and US under the Kipon brand name.

What spec will the 7 future Panasonic lenses have based on the silhouette?

The image above shows the silhouette of seven future Panasonic lenses. it might well be that they are only a random “placeholder” image. But just for fun…based on the size and form what lenses coudl they be?

My guess:

1) 50mm f/2.8
2) 85mm f/1.8
3) 24-70mm f/2.8
4) 85mm f/1.4
5) 35mm f/1.4
6) 24mm f/2.0
7) 35mm f/2.8

And your bet on what?

For now Panasonic S1 and S1R cameras show little impact on Google Trends

If you look at Google Trends you will notice that after the Photokina spike the S1 and S1R cameras got little searches on Google compared to regular Panasonic MFT cameras. This is normal as Panasonic has not unveiled any more news about these cameras and nobody had the chance to test the camera. I am curious to see how this will change once the cameras will be released with full specs, preorder options and most importantly first reviews.