Confimed Sigma FP-L specs

Nokishita confirmed our previous specs with the following tweet:

The changes from fp of Sigma “fp L” are “Equipped with effective approximately 61 million pixels back-illuminated Bayer sensor” “Equipped with a low-pass filter that suppresses the occurrence of moire to the minimum” “Contrast AF + image plane phase difference AF” ” It seems that it supports USB power supply.
New functions “0.5 type external EVF with about 3.68 million dots”, “save / read settings / QR code share”, “new color mode” powder blue “/” duotone “”, “various frames used in video production” “Compatible with rate” and “Screenshot function” will be supported by upgrading fp.
The mass retailer price of the Sigma “fp L” is 275,000 yen including body tax and 330,000 yen including EVF kit tax. The mass retailer price of “EVF-11” seems to be 66,000 yen including tax.