Lumix 24mm F/1.8 review by Photographyblog

Preorders: 24mm lens at BHphoto. Adorama.

Photographyblog published the full lens review and concluded:

The new Lumix S 24mm F1.8 is one of the more affordable lenses available in the still relatively new Panasonic full-frame mirrorless system, but thankfully it out-performs its modest price-tag.
There’s lots to like in terms of the Panasonic Lumix S 24mm F1.8’s image quality, and very little to complain about.
This lens is sharp almost from the get-go, excellent in both the centre and at the edges of the frame when shooting wide open at f/1.8, and simply outstanding between f/2.8 and f/11.
It’s also capable of producing some very nice bokeh effects for what is after all only an f/1.8 lens.
There is some obvious vignetting wide-open at f/1.8, but this can easily be corrected in post-processing, or you can stop down to f/4 to help avoid it altogether.
Chromatic aberrations are very well controlled and it even produces some nice sun-star effects at f/16.
The build quality is very good, with the built-in weather-proofing offering some peace of mind in more inclement conditions.
Auto-focusing proved to be fairly quick and reliable on the Panasonic Lumix S5 camera body that we tested the lens with thanks to the 240fps linear motor.
In addition the focus mechanism is barely audible, making the lens very well-suited to video use.
There’s no manual focus over-ride available at any time, though, and the lens lacks its own optical image stabilisation system, instead relying on the camera body (if it has one).
With a full retail price of £799.99 / €899.99 / $899.99, the Panasonic Lumix S 24mm F1.8 offers a lot in terms of its value for money.
It makes for a very nice partner when paired with the diminutive Lumix S5 camera that we reviewed it with.
Overall, it certainly fits the bill as a fast, high quality yet affordable wide-angle prime lens for Panasonic S full-frame camera users.

Sigma launches the 60th anniversary special page

Happy anniversary to a really great company! And they included this message:

Message from
Kazuto Yamaki, CEO of SIGMA

On September 9, 2021, SIGMA celebrates its 60th anniversary.
Michihiro Yamaki originally founded the company in 1961 to save a group of cooperating companies that found themselves in peril following the bankruptcy of their supplier, and I believe that no one would have imagined at the time that the company would still exist 60 years later.

In these six decades, SIGMA has braved many difficult situations in our industry, from technological revolutions to challenging economic conditions. At times, we even found ourselves on the cusp of a serious crisis. In such situations, Michihiro Yamaki would think back to the time of the company’s founding and utter a remark that could have seemed pessimistic: “I never thought this company, which I founded on request, would even exist this long.” But the company managed to pull through and recover, and now I, having inherited the business from my father, find myself thinking about these same words, though for different reasons.

We could only stay in business for 60 years and follow our passion of creating brilliant cameras and lenses thanks to the generous support of a great number of people.
First and foremost, I would like to thank our customers for their invaluable support and their high expectations towards us and our products. Sometimes the encouragement may come in the form of stern words, but it is always an opportunity for me and the company to reflect and improve ourselves. Thank you for everything.
We are also very grateful for the unfailing support of our dealers, suppliers and all other business partners. We have surely caused you trouble on more than one occasion, and I know that our company has only come this far thanks to your patience and your perseverance. For this, you have my sincere gratitude.
Furthermore, we are deeply indebted to the communities in which we and our affiliated companies are located, for their warm support and their understanding. We do not take this for granted.
Lastly, I would like to thank all the senior staff – whether retired or still active – who have shaped our company into what it is today. SIGMA only exists because of your hard work. I promise that we will continue to build upon what you have created.

As we embrace the 60th anniversary of our founding, we look back and remember all the kindness and support we were shown during these six decades. Looking forward, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to grow and develop SIGMA into a company that is ready to take on the challenges of a new era, while staying true to the philosophies and ideas that have guided us on our way so far. We hope that you will accompany us on our future journeys.

With heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made this 60th anniversary possible,

Kazuto Yamaki