Panasonic says: new entry and very high end L-mount cameras will be coming and the new telephoto zoom will be very compact

CameraBeta has been invited for a talk with Panasonic managers and this is the info they gathered:

  • At present, Panasonic focuses on the mid-range full-frame camera market, but in the next few years, it will supplement entry-level and high-end models
  • Video will continue to focus on 4K, 6K oversampling, 6K and open gate.
  • 8K is not sufficiently popular in the consumer market.
  • A telephoto lens will be available soon. I think it’s a surprising size, so please look forward to it.
  • It has suffered a lot in the last three years, but is still very good.
  • LUMIX G is stable overall. LUMIX S is the best result ever.
  • China is the strongest market.
    ・Rapid recovery of production and sales
    ・Securing production and supply by building factories


via Asobinet

First impression about the use of the new DJI LiDAR on the Lumix S1H

Asobinet reports about a hands-on testing of the new DJI LiDar system when combined with the S1H:

  • Combination of LUMIX S1H and LiDAR
  • No need for calibration, can be used directly
  • The RS Pro3 and LiDAR aren’t cheap, but this whole package, the S1H, is very cheap and the overall image quality is a very good result.
  • Not a bad shooting solution
  • I don’t think you need a stabilizer
  • For now, only RS3 Pro supports LiDAR
    → other support can be expected with updates
  • LiDAR to gimbal, gimbal to camera connection
  • 1: LiDAR captures the subject
    2: Camera focuses on the subject
  • Not only follow focus
  • Focus performance can be improved no matter how dark it is
  • Compatible with LUMIX S5II
  • Currently not compatible with Micro Four Thirds
  • LUMIX S5 is not currently supported


Panasonic announced a new S lens roadmap: Two new zooms teased and new Lidar AF technology partnership!

Today Panasonic held an event in China. They announced a new Lidar partnership with DJI and also a new S lens roadmap. The S lens roadmap now teases the launch of:

  • a zoom lens in the 30-70mm range (Could be 28-70mm f/2.8)
  • a zoom lens in the 100-400mm range

DJI and Panasonic also teased a partnership when it comes to Lidar AF technology. It’s unclear how this will work and when they will bring this. But on images you can see a Lidar system mounted on the hot shoe: