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Panasonic DC-S1H Cinema Camera at IBC 2019

Interview with Daimon Xanthopoulos, Lumix Ambassador, about latest panasonic Lumix Division camera, camera made specially for cinematographers. Panasonic, without question, added all and everything to the camera if you consider codecs and different features. RED patent, of course, prevents to use internal raw recording for now but it can change during the next year. All of the companies will be fighting against RED who is lying on the floor as hurdle towards the progress and just prevents cameras development further. Until this time you need to use Atomos recorders if you’ll want to record raw formats. It’ll be nice to also see dual pixel autto focus and more intellectual modes made for small crews, hope we’ll see some in coming years, may be it will be related with move to Samsung FF sensors and main camera LSIs.

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