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Panasonic interview at Imaging Resource

Panasonic manager Yosuke Yamane has been interviewed by Imaging Resource.  A couple of interesting info:

  • It’s been eight years since I decided to develop full-frame cameras. And officially, we decided to develop the full-frame camera two years ago.
  • The S1H was not delayed, but intentionally we put priority onto the photo-oriented cameras rather than video-oriented cameras. That’s the timeline.
  • The SH1 uses the same S1 sensor. However, we made lots of technical improvements to aid video shooting, such as a low-pass filter to reduce the moire, and Dual Native ISO for the wide range of color gradation. And in order to realize the 6K video, we made lots of improvements for the resolution and to reduce the noise, in order to fit the usage of video shooting.

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Panasonic 24-70mm f/2.8 S lens at Amazon, BHphoto. Adorama. FocusCamera. Park UK.

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