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Panasonic S1H Footage & first impressions by Newsshooter

Newsshooter writes:

My initial impressions of the S1H are mixed. I think it is a good camera, but like every camera, it has its flaws. I think a lot of this has to do with how much today’s cameras tend to get hyped up with tease announcements. These teases arguably have the effect of setting high expectations that sometimes are not always met.

The image quality is good when you don’t put the camera into situations where it is forced to work hard. In mixed lighting conditions and scenes where you would like to have nice highlight roll off it is going to struggle a bit if you are comparing it to a much more expensive camera.

I did find some of the images noisy, despite the camera having a dual native ISO.

Usability, for the most part, is good, and it’s nice that you get unlimited recording times. I like how you can hot-swap cards during recording, and that the camera uses SD cards.

The battery life is really good. The menu system could be improved, but for the most part it will get the job done.

The autofocus isn’t good and the rolling shutter might be a problem for some users.

Despite its flaws, I think Panasonic has set the bar fairly high for what you should expect out of a high-end full-frame mirrorless camera. I look forward to getting hold of a production version of the camera for a full review.

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