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Panasonic says it will “consider the users’ needs” for a video oriented S camera

Dpreview posted the content of their interview with Panasonic:

MFT verus S lenses:

Compared to MFT lenses the new S lenses have a newly-developed double focus system and an ultrasonic assist system

About the MFT and S system development:

of course we are developing both S-series and G-series at the same time. We have optimized our human resources internally so that we can develop both S series and G series to the highest standard.

About a possible video oriented S camera:

In the future, we’d like to consider the users’ needs: it’s open to users’ feedback.

MFT vs S when it comes to video:

Image stabilization and overheating will be less of an issue, compared to full-frame sensors.

In summary: Yes Panasonic may work on a video oriented S camera. But it surely doesn’t sound like it’s coming any time soon.

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