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Sigma interview at Dpreview: “expect a few lenses this year designed for L-mount”

Sigma CEO Yamaki talked with the Dpreview team. A couple of info:

– He found the response to the new L-mount “is better than I thought”
– Sigma plans to launch “a few lenses this year” that are designed specifically for L-mount.
– Sigma is not sure they can implement Panasonic DFDtechnology with their L-mount lenses
– Sigma is considering to launch smaller and more compact f/2.0 primes
– The Nikon Z mount is in theory good for designing lenses but Sigma is concerned about reflection problems (ghosting) because “the mount is too close to the sensor”
– Sigma would like to be a “unique camera manufacturer” in the future.

I am really excited to see that new FF Foveon camera!!!

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