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Tomorrow Sigma might reveal some details about the new L-mount Foveon camera?

ThisTanaka hinted that tomorrow Sigma might unveil some new details about their 60 Megapixel Full Frame L-mount Foveon camera. Here is his message (google translated):

Sigma is planning to announce a new product soon, but it seems that it is not the only lens. I would like to announce the development of a new camera for the example “L Mount Alliance”. If so, is it faster than originally planned? It’s a pleasure.

What we know so far about the Foveon camera is:

– It uses a 20 Megapixel Full frame and three layer sensor (20×3 is 60MP)
– Scheduled to be on market by 2020
– Developed by Sigma and TSI
– L-mount (of course)

Here is the real image of the new sensor:

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