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Yosuke Yamane from Panasonic talks about the future of AI on cameras, the L2 collaboration and more

Dpreview had a chat with Yosuke Yamane from Panasonic.

About Video:

‘Mirrorless, which has a strong affinity with video, is used in a wide range of applications, from professional video production, such as cinema production, to individual video production, such as YouTube. We believe that the need for individual video production will increase in the future.’

He also talked about the AI implementation on cameras:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could also play an increasing role in workflows, he suggested. ‘If cameras automatically reflect the intentions of creators through AI – such as AF, which is already being used with AI – as well as color, exposure, and framing, we believe that shooting mistakes will be greatly reduced in the future, and this will contribute to reducing shooting time.

‘Furthermore, we believe that using AI in editing will make workflows more efficient. In terms of the overall workflow, one-man-operation creators spend a great deal of time editing, and if they can automatically edit as the creators intend with one push, I think they will be able to produce more and more attractive content, which will broaden the field for creators.’

The idea of the camera being able to anticipate what you’re trying to achieve could have benefits for people less familiar with dedicated cameras, he suggested. ‘By combining Micro Four Thirds with AI and other technologies, we hope to convey the advantages of cameras to casual users.’

About the L2 partnership:

He went on to clarify that the L² Technology is a closer partnership, covering a wider range of topics, that will see the Lumix and Leica brands share resources and technology throughout the development process.

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