Panasonic will announce a new Full Frame fixed lens camera in May?

As you know Panasonic will announce a new camera in May. I didn’t know exactly what to expect until one good source dropped this message today::

It’s right to compare it to a Leica.
What I know so far, is it’s full frame, fixed lens, and will be available in multiple different colors. The price point is attractive, at least when compared to the little competition in this niche.

So this camera would fall right into the hype of fixed lens cameras and in particular unique spot: Much more affordable than the Leica Q3 and much higher image quality than the Fujifilm X100VI. Could it become a hotseller too?

I have no info yet about the possible specs although i speculate it will use the same S5II sensor. What do you think about this possible new fixed lens model?

Thanks L. for sharing this! Hope you can share more info soon!

New hot deal: $500 off on both Lumix 70-200mm f/4.0 and f/2.8 zooms

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Chris from PetaPixel: At This Point, I’d Happily Use ONLY Sigma Lenses

On PetaPixel Chris writes:

Hypothetically, if you did find yourself with an E-mount or L-mount camera and only Sigma lenses at your disposal, I think your photographic business would be in good hands

In this video he tested the E-mount versions but conclusions are obviously valid for the Sigma L-mount too!

His lens picks are the following:

Sigma 14mm f/1.4 at BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon, FotoErhard, WexUK.
Sigma 50mm f/1.2 at BHphoto, Amazon, Adorama, FotoErhardt, Fotokoch, WexUK, Calumet.
Sigma 85mm f/1.4 at BHphoto, Adorama, FocusCamera.
Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 at BHphoto, FocusCamera, WexUK.
Sigma 100-400mm at BHphoto, Adorama, FocusCamera.
Sigma 500mm f/5.6 at BHphoto, Amazon, Adorama, FotoErhardt, Calumet, WexUK.

New Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 II zoom lens coming in mid May!

Two trusted sources confirmed the following info:

  • New Sigma announcement in mid May
  • We will get the redesigned 24-70mm f/2.8 II Full Frame lens for Sony E and Leica L
  • The new lens is more compact, optically sharper, has better color rendition, improved AF performance than it’s predecessor

I have been told that the reason why Sigma is launching a new version is because they want to be able to compete with the excellent Sony 24-70mm GMII. And they also gave me another interesting tidbit: The Sigma 24-70mm is their most popular lens. Sigma wants to keep it that way!

I am working to get some additional details on the pricing and exact release date. Stay tuned!

Now available: New Peak Design Coyote Straps

Peak Design announced the new Coyote straps you can get now at Amazon (hover the product image and click on “Add cart”), Peakdesign and BHphoto.

These are well-known straps with a unique Anchor mount that allows for quick addition/removal of the strap. And it’s not just a new color version: The Coyote leash and strap contain 35 percent recycled nylon. A first step toward a “greener” product range.
The strap is capable of supporting up to 90k, so it is super strong and is designed to distribute the weight around the neck in a way that doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Topazlabs now launched a new website showing off the features of their AI apps

Topaz recently released the brand new Photo Ai 3.0 (click here). Now it has also completely revamped its website so that you can get a better overview of all the features. Take a look at the presentation pages: Photo Ai, Video AI, GigaPixel AI.

One more related news: PetaPixel tested all most known upscalers and claims GigaPixel AI is the best:

Overall, I was most impressed with Gigapixel AI. The results for the low-resolution file are especially excellent, far surpassing my expectations. It produces excellent levels of detail with minimal (or no) additional artifacts, even when going beyond 2x. I also enjoyed the UI of Gigapixel AI more than the other programs. It was clean, modern, and simple to use with an ideal way of seeing the preview of the upscaled images.