Ben Fox take on the new Panasonic S1R-S1

Ben Fox:

“During my visit to Photokina 2018, Carol from Panasonic gives me a run down on their new mirrorless cameras the Lumix S1 and S1R; 2 new 24mp and 47mp Full Frame cameras that both shoot 4k60p video.”

Peter Gregg: Does Panasonic S1 S1R Beat the CANON EOS R In My Mind?

Peter Gregg:

The Panasonic S1 and S1R cameras are not complete cameras yet. They have been announced but the specs don’t seem to be solidified. I may sound a little harsh in this video, but now is the time for them to make changes in the camera BEFORE it starts production. Not having an articulating screen – from Panasonic of all companies – is almost unimaginable!!!

Hugh Brownstones take on the new S1 cameras


“I think the L-mount consortium — in particular Panasonic’s first full frame mirrorless camera system the Lumix S — is the biggest news at Photokina 2018.”

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Panasonic S1 and S1R hands-on by Charbax

Charbax:Panasonic announces their new Full Frame camera system using the Leica L-Mount. This camera will do 4K60 with an XQD and an SD card slot, a 3-tilt display (not sure yet if that means with flip out support or not), the limitations of the 4K60 when it comes to cropping or record length limitations are not known yet. The Panasonic S1 will be 24 megapixel while the Panasonic S1R will have a 47 megapixel sensor. The camera is coming on the market early 2019 already, that is what they are saying anyway. Things like weight, exact size, battery life and other things are not announced or defined yet as this system is now under development. Hopefully Panasonic will have their autofocus technology fixed and fully usable (unlike with their GH5) in this camera.