(L2) First rumors about L-mount cinema camera from Panasonic

I got this from a source:

I have it from a good source that Panasonic is seriously looking at a S35 or Full Frame Video and Stills camera with internal 4K Raw recording and Live streaming  with Integrated Apps for photo and video sharing to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc….

The internal Raw recording will be in 4K but the video sharing will be a 4K compressed codec with different 8bit and 10bit 4:2:2 recording options also available.
One of the apps designed for the camera will allow limited video and photo editing before sharing (similar to an iPhone)

These camera/s will have IBIS and AF / face tracking similar to Canons Dual Pixel AF, and  contain inbuilt ND’s. The cameras will also have large articulating touchscreen with a built in audio adaptor.

The source says one or two different version of the cameras are being considered, with modular add ons such as adjustable handgrip, moveable viewfinder etc…
He says to think of a cross between the current Blackmagic 4K Pocket Camera and a Canon XC15 with audio adaptor.

The are set to be announced around NAB 2019

(L1) List of new S1-S1R features “under consideration”???

I got this rumor from a new source. I therefore rated it with a low “L1” ranking (20% chance this is correct). Anyway, interetsing to read and hopefully right 🙂

The source wrote:

Panasonic are looking at including the following features
on the new S1.

The feeling is they need to lead they way in terms of new features
if they wish professionals and in particular video shooters to adopt the
new L mount and switch from Canon or Sony FF cameras.
It’s believed Sony delayed the release of the A7SIII until 2019 in order to improve the specifications
to compete with the new Panasonic S1.

New features under consideration:

Live Streaming capability
Variable ND Adaptor that will work with Panasonic Sigma and Leica lenses
Stronger and more robust Fully articulating Touchscreen
Internal 4K Raw in 24/25
More details to follow.

You can join the new L Full Frame Facebook group if you plan to buy this camera. There you can discuss all features and tests once it’s released!

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(L3) Panasonic S1 and S1R camera might output RAW video?

I just got this from a source:

Hello there, so I’ve come across a small variety of interesting news regarding the new Panasonic full frame cameras from a few credible sources.
Tip #1, A few weeks ago I was on a location scout and started a conversation with a fellow. We began talking about the new Panasonic full frame camera and he informed me that he has a friend in Japan who is working on the full frame sensors they’re producing. He said that his friend told him they are designing them to be able to shoot raw video.
Tip #2, I received this past Monday at Adobe Max in LA where I’m currently workshopping. I went and spoke with one of the Panasonic reps at their booth where I asked the rep about the rumor of being able to shoot raw video. The older gentleman replied, “I can neither confirm nor deny that it will be able to shoot Raw”, and then he subtly, yet meaningfully winked at me in a rather guaranteeing fashion. He then freely offered more information to me by telling me that the 150 megapixel capabilities of their camera will actually be closer to 168MP. With that information, I suspect we will be seeing some great thing from Panasonic this next year.

I have to admit this is not the first time I got this rumor. So probably there is something solid behind it. Of course, you have to expect RAW video to be recorder externally on a special recorder and not internally. That I really can’t see happening any time soon.