Here are the six new Sony FF sensors that might be used by future Panasonic-Sigma-Leica cameras too…

Sony has registered six new Full Frame sensors. Some of them might be used on future Panasonic-Sigma-Leica cameras too. What’s particular is that the sensor named IMX521 uses the Quad Bayer Structure. Sony writes:

HDR function is available by dividing exposure time in the 4 same color pixels into long exposure pixels and short exposure pixels. or dividing conversion gain in the 4 same color pixels into LCG pixels and HCG pixels.
Quad Bayer RAW function makes it possible to readout 4 same color pixels without addition.
When normal operation. 4 same color pixels are added and made 1 pixel, and output as bayer pixel array. In addition, a group of divided 4 same color pixels is defined as 1 pixel unit in this product specification.

Here are the short sensor specs:
IMX311: 48,9MP (45° deg. square pix array)
IMX313: 48,9MP (16bit A/D, stacked 3:2, 30p at 16:9 FULL 8k readout. 60p at 6k with crop.)
IMX409: 55MP
IMX410: 24.6MP (24mpix, 19fps for photography. 6k 40fps, 4k crop 100fps.)
IMX521: 15MP with Quad Array
IMX554: 30MP

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The new Sigma FP will be very expensive!

Reliable source Tanaka know the price of the new Sigma FP but is not allowed to say it. All he could write on Twitter was this:

Making a small, high-performance camera is more expensive than I would have expected. Not only money but also advanced technology are required. SIGMA went all-out.

This is going to be an expensive Cine oriented camera!

Tomorrow Sigma might reveal some details about the new L-mount Foveon camera?

ThisTanaka hinted that tomorrow Sigma might unveil some new details about their 60 Megapixel Full Frame L-mount Foveon camera. Here is his message (google translated):

Sigma is planning to announce a new product soon, but it seems that it is not the only lens. I would like to announce the development of a new camera for the example “L Mount Alliance”. If so, is it faster than originally planned? It’s a pleasure.

What we know so far about the Foveon camera is:

– It uses a 20 Megapixel Full frame and three layer sensor (20×3 is 60MP)
– Scheduled to be on market by 2020
– Developed by Sigma and TSI
– L-mount (of course)

Here is the real image of the new sensor:

Panasonic says they will go 8K by 2022

Question: When will we get the first 8K Panasonic camera? Answer: By 2022!

Nikkan reports (google translated text):

Panasonic is the prospect of the 2022 year, which will be held the Beijing Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic, and ultra-high-definition 8K video, and for the business consumer for a digital camera with a slow-motion playback function of the high-definition 4K (consumer) throw into. Digital cameras are popular for smartphones in consumer applications, and for Chinese manufacturers such as surveillance cameras …

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(L5) Sigma will announce new L-mount lenses on July 11 at 9am London time!

Sigma officially confirmed the launch of the new L-mount lenses on July 11 at 9am London time! This is the info posted by SonyAlphaRumors:

These three lenses will be announced:

35mm f/1.2
45mm f/2.8
14-24mm f/2.8

We know of a fourth lens which will be available in late 2019 but its’ unclear if it will be announced on July 11:

24-70mm f/2.8

What’s very new with these lenses:

They are exlusively designed for Full Frame mirrorless system (there will be no DSLR version of these)
Sony E-mount and L-mount version will be announced on July 11
Nikon Z and Canon EOS-R versions will be announced later

Some additional info:

14-24mm f/2.8 is smaller than the current DSLR version (here)
The new 35mm f/1.2 lens has:
– Premium construction
– Lot of HR elements in construction, record low aberrations
– Record MTF of any FF lens at F1.2
– Ultra fast and silent AF, made also for video

Here is the teaser image: