(L5) Panasonic will have a special press event the last week of January!

Our trusted sources confirmed to us that Panasonic is organizing a major press events for the last eek of January! Panasonic has invited all big store dealers and journalists in location in USA, Europe and Asia.

I am yet not 100% sure but I am pretty confident Panasonic will use that event to finally launch the S1-S1R with full specs and preorders. Stay tuned on L-rumors!

You can join the new L Full Frame Facebook group if you plan to buy this camera. There you can discuss all features and tests once it’s released!

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This patent might shows the future Foveon Full Frame dual layer tech

Sigma promised us to deliver a new L-mount camera with Full Frame Foveon sensor And this new Sigma patent explains how this sensor might work

Instead of three layers of pixels the sensor would only use two of them With green pixels always present and the second layer alternating between red and blue pixels. Sigma says in the patent that this would allow the sensor readout time to be much faster. Guess it makes sense to have this on a large FF sensor!

via hi-lows-note