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Interview with Stephan Schulz from Leica: “L-mount alliance is a closed partnership”

Stephan Schulz from Leica shared some interetsing details in an interview with Reddotforum:

1) L-mount was not designed for APS-C only. From the start Leica had both APS-C and Full Frame in mind.

2) Mr. Schulz says that there is a big difference with Sony E-mount:

That’s a big difference with the L-mount versus the Sony E mount. They started the mount with the NEX, which was APS, but Sony didn’t have full frame in mind at that time. So, they had some challenges in making the lenses work for full frame. The Leica L-mount is much bigger which gives us more flexibility.

3) This is how the L-mount alliance started:

Panasonic approached us, inquiring whether they could use the L-mount we developed for their planned full frame mirrorless system camera. We started a discussion on how this might work and how it would influence our SL business. Ultimately, we decided to move forward.

4) L-mount alliance is not like the Micro Four Thirds alliance:

It’s different because the L-mount alliance is a closed alliance, with Leica Camera AG as the licensor. Future additional members are possible if the current alliance members agree that the alliance as a whole could benefit from adding more members.

5) Possibly issues with currently existing Leica L adapters:

The adapter isn’t part of the current specification which means lens data may not be recognized and used by the camera.

It doesn’t sounds like we can expect new L-mount members to join any time soon. And I am surprised how direct Mr. Schulz talked about the E-mount flaw!

You can join the new L Full Frame Facebook group if you plan to buy this camera. There you can discuss all features and tests once it’s released!

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