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Leica SL2: First Shooting Impressions

Big Head writes:

This is my first shooting impressions of the new Leica SL2. I did not have enough time to do a thorough review, including going through the ergonomics, features, functions, etc. as I usually do with my reviews. I will take it out on loan again and complete my review in the near future. Overall I was pleased with the improvements to the camera, although there are many things about the original SL I really like. For high ISO + low light situations, the older 24MP sensor performs better, although the SL2 has IBIS to help with slower shutter speeds. I also liked the previous programable buttons on the back, but I think most will prefer the more common rear button layout of the SL2. The EVF and LCD are beautiful, and so is the user interface. The IQ is where I expected it to be, but be warned the file sizes are huge. I did not get a chance to test video, but I’ll do so on my second testing. Thanks for watching, please help support me by liking and commenting if you have anything to say. Likes and comments do really help the channel, which helps me create more content for your viewing pleasure. Take care and happy shooting!!

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