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Next totally wild rumors about the S1ii & S1iix

Warning: this is a spec list I got from a totally unknown source. So this might be total BS. So far I only can confirm that we are getting a 100mm f/2.8 macro L-mount lens around Jan 8th.

This is the rumor:

S1ii & S1iix
– 34mp stacked oversampled 7k with very low rolling shutter
– ND filters with slim sealed magnesium body, compared to the big c70
– Fan no overheating in direct sunlight 50 Celsius.
– 6k 120, 4k 120 no crop.
– Better ibis no wooble
– Much better autofocus with ai chip similar to Sony.
– Just 1000 dollars more compared to s5iix very aggressive pricing, so around 3000 dollars.
– Improved battery life.
– improved dynamic range for video and photo.
– No AA filter
– very strong low light, improved low light with a lot of MP.

I repeat, highly chance this is BS…hope trusted sources can soon tell me more about the next Lumix cameras!

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