Panasonic interview at Lesnumeriques: The L-mount alliance was formed in early 2018 and Olympus had not the same vision

The french blog Lesnumeriques interviewed Panasonic manager Yosuke Yamane:

  • Eight years ago Panasonic had the idea to go Full Frame but at the time there were technical and commercial challenges
  • Two years ago they started to look for an alliance around a Full Frame platform. At the beginning of 2018 they approached Leica and Sigma.
  • Why is Olympus not on board with this? Yosuke said “we do not really have the same vision. Our directions are different now, on this format
  • The new AI autofocus system works on the question of “where to focus”. For example we use deep learning to track flying birds or human eyes
  • Panasonic has abandoned the smart phone project and there will be no follow-up of the CM1 (here on Amazon).
  • Panasonic does not think the smart phone market is a threat for MFT

I believe Olympus should have been on board with this!

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