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Schedule of Ver.3.00 firmware update for the SIGMA fp

Press text:

We would like to outline the details of firmware update Ver.3.00 for the world’s smallest and lightest※ full-frame mirrorless camera, the SIGMA fp.
※ As of May 2021, by SIGMA
Updating the camera’s firmware to Ver.3.00 adds various functions such as new “Color Modes” (Powder Blue, Duotone), compatibility with the SIGMA ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER EVF-11 and the ability to save/load camera settings using QR codes. The development of this firmware is at its final stage, and we are planning to make it available to download from Thursday June 3, 2021.
We are also preparing a firmware update for the SIGMA ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER EVF-11, which will be made available on June 3.

SIGMA fp firmware Ver.3.00
Available : Thursday June 3, 2021

Key benefits of the update
・It becomes compatible with the SIGMA ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER EVF-11.
・It adds new color modes “Powder Blue” and “Duotone”.
・It enables users to save and load camera settings using QR codes.
・It adds the “Quick Focus Frame Shift” function.
・It increases the number of functions that can be assigned to Custom Buttons.
・It enhances the “Flicker Control” function.
・It improves AF operation to achieve better stability.
・It improves the image quality of JPEG files.
・It adds the “Custom Frame” option to Frame Guide.

[Contact] For further information, please contact your local authorized SIGMA Service Station listed n the link below:

We appreciate your continued support for SIGMA products.

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