Sigma says first L-mount lenses will be released in mid 2019

Dpreview interviewed Sigma CEO Yamaki. Here are some key info about the L-mount strategy:

  • Curiously enough Sigma had developed their own new mount which was about the same as the L-mount in terms of flange distance and diameter. This before they decided to join the L-mount
  • He said too big diamater is bad for the design of slower lenses (they would look ugly as they would be smaller).
  • First Sigma L-mount lenses will be released in mid 2019. They will release both: L-mount version of their current 14 ART FF lenses. And special L-mount designed lenses
  • Within three or four years he expects Sigma mirrorless mount lens sales to be much bigger than for DSLR. Maybe 70% to 30%.

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