Sigma says they will make APS-C lenses for L mount but Panasonic says they will NOT

Dpreview interviewed all three companies involved in the L-mount project. And here are some interesting tidbits:

APS-C L-mount lenses:
Sigma: Yes, we have a plan to develop APS-C lenses for L mount, but the main focus is full-frame.
Panasonic: No. We will only develop [L mount products] for full-frame sensors.

Abut the L-mount flange distance:
Leica: The flange back distance could be shorter, but if someone wants to make a professional L mount video camera for example, it’s better to have a little more room, for filters [built into the camera body] and so on. With 20mm, that’s fine. If you go closer, it becomes very difficult.

About the analogy with Micro Four Thirds:
Panasonic: This alliance is like marriage. The previous arrangement [with Olympus] was more like we were just living together. So the obligation [now] is a little more high-level.

It’s very interesting to see Panasonic plan to NOT make any APS-C lenses.  I guess it makes sense to not jeopardize their MFT business. And It also sounds like Panasonic isn’t entirely happy with their partnership with Olympus.

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