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Stunner: Early specs of the new Panasonic 8k 60p organic sensor!

What you see here on top is the image of the first 8K 60p Panasonic camcorder featuring their own Panasonic-Fuji developed ORGANIC sensor! Panasonic unveiled some info about it:

  • Global Shutter (exposes all pixels at the same time and read the data all at once). This will at last kill the distortion caused by rolling shutters.
  • 88 at 60fps
  • Panasonic said the sensor has “high sensitivity” and “wide dynamic range” but did not share exact numbers
  • It has a step less electronic ND filter (Panasonic said it does NOT change color balance when using it)
  • Sensor can switch between “high-sensitivity” mode and “high-saturation” mode

I can’t wait to see that sensor in use on future Panasonic MFT and L-mount cameras!

More info about that sensor on this previous 43rumors article.

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