Crispy Quality. Sigma 35mm F2 DG DN Contemporary Review

ThePhoBlographer reviewed the Sigma lens and concluded:

The Sigma 35mm f2 DG DN Contemporary is an alright lens. It’s hard for me to get excited about something that’s not incredibly special. But if it’s your first 35mm lens, it’s a heck of an option. It’s fantastic for professional-grade work that doesn’t require rough and tumble. In controlled environments, the Sigma 35mm f2 DG DN Contemporary will really shine. However, the autofocus needs improvements. It could really use weather sealing. And there are a few other good options on the market if you’re using E mount. Overall, the Sigma 35mm f2 DG DN Contemporary is in kind of an awkward place. If it’s bundled as a kit lens with the Sigma FP, then that’s fine. Otherwise, there’s no reason to give it another look.

Panasonic Interview at Dpreview

Here are some key takeaways from the long interview at Dpreview:

  • Autofocus: we recognize that there are still issues that need to be improved to reach perfection when it comes to AF. We are currently considering further improvements, such as improving the processing capacity with new hardware and improving the accuracy with new software algorithms. Please look forward to the evolution of our AF in the future.
  • Computational images: We believe that realizing these consumer trends in cameras will bring even deeper value to customers and we will continue to evolve them.
  • RAW video: But of course, we feel that demand for Raw recording is increasing, and we need to develop products with that in consideration.