Sigma FP-L might be announced on March 23

Nokishita reports:

It seems that SIGMA fp L will be announced at “SIGMA STAGE Online” scheduled around 21:00 on March 23rd. In addition to the previous accessory, the AC adapter “UAC-21” and the USB cable (Type-C on both ends) “SUC-41” should be announced. Is the suggested retail price of EVF-11 75,000 yen + tax?

What happened to the Panasonic 8K Organic Sensor?

Back in September 2019 Panasonic has promised to launch their first camera with the organic 8K sensor by 2020. Personal View wrote:

Interview with Takashi Ishii from Panasonic, who is closely related to new revolutionary sensor development. Panasonic aim this to be first commercially available camera with organic sensor that will be made available around Tokyo 2020 games start time. Not only camera won’t need ND filters, but will also implement some of new processing techniques and may be also will use new SDI coaxial connectors in the final version. Camera presented at IBC used 4x 12G SDI connectors and special recorder with 4 separate drives. It is interesting of presently it process and store each of 4K separately, as in such case it will require cheap and afforable part already present in 4K Panasonic cameras and recorders.

Ok, Tokyo Olympics got postponed, still I wonder if this new tech is still being developed or just “delayed”.

Sigma also registered a list of FP-L accessories

Along the FP-L Sigma will also announce these accessories:

  • Electronic Viewfinder EVF-11
  • Eyecup EC-31
  • Large Eyecup EC-41
  • Semi-Hard Case VC-07a

Panasonic S5 tested at Dpreview: “great at both still and video shooting”

Panasonic S5 at BHphoto, Adorama. FocusCamera.

Dpreview published the full Panasonic S5 review and the conclusion is:

The Panasonic Lumix DC-S5 is an full-frame mirrorless camera that’s great at both still and video shooting. Its well-built, fairly portable and feature-packed. Image quality is in-line with its peers, though autofocus is a little bit behind. The S5’s video features are the best in its class and video quality is impressive, as well.