Sigma 35mm f/2.0 review by Dpreview and Photographyblog

Dpreview tested the Sigma 35mm f/2.0 lens and writes:

In a nutshell, the Sigma 35mm F2 DG DN is a really solid lens for a reasonable price. You get exceptional build quality, sharpness that holds up well even on a 61MP sensor, and smooth bokeh.

Photographyblog also tested the same lens and writes:

Sigma have commendably put a lot of time and energy into making the 35mm F2 DG DN a uniquely designed, compact and discrete lens that doesn’t forget to be optically excellent. In a crowded market, it offers more than enough to make everyone’s shortlist of 35mm prime lenses.

They also tested the 65mm lens and concluded:

This unique lens doesn’t really have a main rival as such, other than the manual focus only Voigtlander 65mm F2 Macro APO Lanthar.
There are a large number of 50mm and 85mm prime lenses available for Sony E-mount – something like the lighter, cheaper Sony FE 50mm F1.8, for example – but they don’t really compete in the same ball-park as the rather uniquely compelling Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN.

Sigma 24mm f/3.5 at BHphoto, Adorama, FocusCamera.
Sigma 35mm f/2.0 at BHphoto, Adorama, FocusCamera.
Sigma 65mm f/2.0 at BHphoto, Adorama, FocusCamera.

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