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Bad news: Sigma’s Full-Frame Foveon Camera is Still at Least ‘a Few Years Away’

PetaPixel had a quick chat with Sigma CEO Yamaki. And we have some bad news regarding the Foveon sensor development:

When asked about a timeline, Yamaki responded: “at least a few years, minimum.”
However, as disheartening as it might be to hear that, Yamaki promises that he and his team are not giving up.

The main problem they have is that the sensor requires a new manufacturing method. And Sigma still has not found a manufacturer that can do this. This is sad news because potentially the Foveon tech can you give you a true advantage in terms of resolution, and color rendering compared to the Bayer sensors. I am afraid it might get close to 2030 before we see such a sensor inside a new Sigma L-mount camera.

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