Darren Miles: Does SIZE Matter?!? Sensor Size Shootout! – M43 vs APS-C vs Full Frame vs. Medium Format

Darren write:

I always wanted to compare the same subject at the same field of view on multiple camera systems – well, I finally did it and I’m sharing with you. Does the size of the sensor matter? Or is the right camera in the skilled hands of a creative professional more important? I think you already know the answer, but the image quality results surprised me.

Panasonic financial report: “Appliances” sales down (this includes cameras)

Panasonic published the full financial report. There is nothing we can learn about their camera business because it’s included in the more general “Appliances” category. Sales in this category dropped by 4%. I can’t imagine the Lumix segment doing well in terms of sales. This is what i hear unofficially from store owners. The Panasonic S series is struggling against the Sony-Canon power.

Curiosity: Manchester City Football Club selects Panasonic LUMIX as official video camera supplier

Press Text:

Manchester City Football Club has selected Panasonic LUMIX as its official supplier for video camera equipment.

Panasonic’s LUMIX kit will be used for all feature video projects filmed by the club’s in-house content department; consisting of a nimble and innovative team of self-shooting Producers who aim to push the boundaries in terms of creativity. They produce a wide variety of digital video content, from daily posts on TikTok through to premium branded content and feature-length documentaries, available on the club’s subscription channel City+. The chosen equipment includes Panasonic’s flagship LUMIX S1H and S5 full-frame cameras as well as a variety of lenses and accessories.

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Gavin Johnson, Media Director at Manchester City said, “In the fast-paced world of professional football you often only get one chance to get the right shot. We need our content creators to maintain a subtle footprint on the ground, without compromising on quality. Our S1H and S5 LUMIX full-frame cameras will give us all of the creative tools we need to make our in-house video content stand out from the crowd.”

Barnaby Sykes, Head of Marketing for Imaging at Panasonic UK said, “We are delighted to support Manchester City’s content generation with our unique LUMIX technology to enable the club to deliver high-quality footage from our cameras to fans at home and all over the world.”

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